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We are Time Lapse

We are the benchmark when it comes to time lapse.
We are tier one providers, and experts in all things
time lapse.

We use our own in-house designed and engineered
and coded camera system and offer the best service you
will ever get to experience.

Industry leaders

Please take a minute to watch our promotional video.

We are the industry leaders in site monitoring and progress reporting cameras, photographic reporting and aerial reporting.

We are Australia wide and can have cameras replaced or repaired in most places around Australia within 24 hours.

Why our system?

With our time lapse console system, you can view a section of work from a day, week, month or even year in a customisable video clip. You will have a full photo record of the entire build for any legal disputes, backed up via secure cloud storage, as well as the option to have weather archival attached for comprehensive record keeping.
Complete photo archive
A complete photo record of the whole project

We will capture and archive images and catalogue the entire construction project from start to finish every five minutes, for the entire length of your project. We store locally and cloud based records.

Live stream web interface
High resolution screens friendly

Our control system was coded by our own programmers. Data is broadcast to a secure online archival server. We give you the ability to view the day, week, month or years progress of your build.

Complete weather archive
Linked weather archive

To aid in keeping the most thorough record of your site, we have programmed a scientifically calibrated weather station to talk directly to our system

High resolution cameras
Our camera system was fully engineered in house

The sensors in our cameras are 18-50 megapixel depending on the customer requirements.