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Time Lapse Pty Ltd can provide you with a monitoring system for realtime live footage, captured from a custom designed 3G microcomputer and camera in a tamper-resistant IP66 waterproof housing. Using the highest resolution cameras in the industry we have written a customised software package that stores your images remotely allowing you to access images throughout your project from a web browser, boardroom or control room.

With our Time Lapse System you can view a section of work from a particular day, week, month or even years in a customisable video clip. You will have a full photo record of the entire build for any legal disputes, backed up via secure cloud storage.

Our advanced camera systems can send live feed imagery to either a public or private web page to allow site managers to supervise a project, giving them high resolution information on the sequence of events that are happening on site from the comfort of the office, or another country entirely. Our camera systems also support wireless and solar panel features. This allows for greater security and improved management of your site assets.

The user-friendly Time Lapse footage and regular updates can now keep key stakeholders up to date with the progress of important projects. Installing web-enabled cameras on job sites can also positively impact worker behavior and fundamentally improve overall site safety.

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